Stephen S. Weinstein
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Skippy Weinstein has been one of the state's leading trial lawyers for more than four decades. Weinstein's unique and effective trial skills blend assertiveness, humility and empathy, which are his hallmark today. He is one of those rare professionals who relates well to everyone, particularly a jury, peers say. He has represented indigent victims, high-powered judges and politicians alike. His remarkable record of success in the courtroom in both civil and criminal cases has earned him a formidable reputation.

Weinstein's track record includes over 45 reported cases that have either created or refined a point of law. The most recent example involves a couple, who each had a portion of a leg amputated, after being struck by a motorist who was texting while driving. In addition to suing the driver, Weinstein sued the person who texted the driver leading to a precedent setting cause of action upheld by a New Jersey appellate court, which is the first case of this nature in the country.

Weinstein says he prides himself on a team approach. His Morristown, New Jersey based firm has three additional experienced attorneys, who work with him to achieve justice for each client. Weinstein's practice focuses on complex injury cases, especially medical malpractice claims involving death, brain damage and paralysis. He also handles substantial criminal cases ranging from white collar to violent crimes, including murder and sexual assault in New Jersey state and federal courts.

Despite his success, Weinstein has not forgotten his roots, peers say. A native of Newark, Weinstein was a high school dropout at age 15. "I made up my mind that I wanted more out of life," he told The New York Times when interviewed in New Jersey Questions and Answers in March 1993. Ultimately, he earned a high school equivalency degree, after spending two years in reform school. Frequently, he returns to the Madison Avenue Elementary public school in Newark to discuss with kids how they too can achieve success. For over forty years, he has donated to Fairleigh Dickinson University, where he earned his college degree, to support the annual Holocaust symposium in England. He is a frequent law school lecturer on trial techniques at his alma mater, American University Washington College of Law, which named a courtroom and trial advocacy course after him in recognition of his excellence in the courtroom and his support for the school. He also has been on the cover of four magazines.

He and his wife Nancy are residents of New Vernon, New Jersey. They have four grown children and eight grandchildren.

Stephen S. Weinstein
"I tell every client ... that they should never feel intimidated, as my team and I are there fighting for them."
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Fairleigh Dickinson University, B.S., 1962
American University Washington College of Law, JD, 1965

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