Raymond J. Keegan
Plaintiffs' Personal Injury Law - White Plains, NY

Ray Keegan is one of the most accomplished independent trial attorneys in New York State today. For more than 30 years Keegan – cheerful, unpretentious, and hard-working – has built a record of trial successes for his clients, most of them victims of serious injury or worse. It’s an impressive record acknowledged by rivals and peers alike, and he’s achieved it in venues – especially in Westchester – where juries are often extremely conservative.

Growing up in the Bronx, Keegan had an eye on the law early: His Cardinal Hayes High School yearbook bio includes “plans to be a lawyer.” With an economics degree from Iona College, and while attending Fordham Law School in the evenings (and already a husband and father), he was offered a job with Hartford-based Combustion Engineering. He completed his law degree at University of Connecticut.

Returning to Westchester, Keegan plunged into trial work early on. “Nothing complicated about it: It’s what I always wanted to do.”

One of his first major cases was a complex fraud case involving a New York-area car dealer, which gave Keegan valuable courtroom experience. By his early 30’s, he was becoming a seasoned litigator.

In the last two decades, Keegan has represented plaintiffs and victims of personal injury, a focus more befitting his tenacious and independent spirit. His cases today include complex personal-injury litigation and medical malpractice.

With five grown children (son Jeff joined his firm in 1998), he and his wife are longtime residents of Westchester County. He remains a leader in the community, presently serving on the board of the White Plains YMCA. He has been a member of the boards of two other colleges in the area. He enjoys golf and long distance cycling, and he has toured such locales as Iowa, Georgia, Hawaii, Canada and France.

Raymond J. Keegan
"It is memory that brings us roses in December."