David Torchin
Divorce Law - Hackensack, NJ

David Torchin, originally from Wayne, New Jersey, brings a unique combination of sensitivity and results-oriented pragmatism to matrimonial law. As a partner of the family law team of ShapiroCroland, the 43-year-old attorney has already established himself as one of the top young matrimonial attorneys in New Jersey. Wise and mature for an attorney with a just over decade of practice in the field, Torchin projects a warm, self-confident, don't-take-myself-too-serious style that his many clients find calming and reassuring. In many respects, Torchin, whose own father passed away when he was very young, has a special awareness and appreciation for the impact of traumatic changes on children and families. He impresses on clients the financial and emotional costs of legal battles upon families and other interpersonal relationships. Torchin excelled in high school and went on to Brandeis University, but it was his year as a bartender after college in which he began counseling people's burdens in a ‘Cheers'-like manner. "You would be surprised by the similarities," says Torchin with a smile. With a strong background in economics learned while attending Brandeis and the London School of Economics, he saw tax law or even a criminal prosecutor's post in his future.

After graduating from Georgetown University School of Law, Torchin clerked for a family law judge and received first hand experience in the much greater personal interaction and the relevant and important trial work of matrimonial law. Energized by his clerkship, Torchin began working with Barry Croland, Esq., in the well known and much respected law firm of Stern Steiger Croland. Later, Torchin moved with Croland to the Hackensack law firm of Shapiro & Croland (now ShapiroCroland).

In less than a decade the Hackensack firm has become one of the leading matrimonial practices in New Jersey, with complementary practices in tax, bankruptcy, real estate and trust law. Torchin, well-liked in the county matrimonial bar, is a self-confessed "Disney-phile" whose Mickey Mouse themed neckties "put clients at ease" and bring smiles even to the judges whom he appears before. Torchin resides in Ramsey, New Jersey, with his wife and teenage son.

David Torchin
"Most of what we do - ninety percent, I'd say - is really about getting to know people, getting to know them well, so that we can manage their case and properly resolve it."
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Brandeis University, B.A., 1989
London School of Economics
Georgetown University School of Law, J.D., 1993

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