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Highly focused, personable and with a first-rate grasp of the law, Larry Esposito has established himself as one of northern New Jersey's leading matrimonial attorneys. Teaming frequently with renowned attorney Charles DeFuccio, Esposito is one of the key reasons DeFuccio Clancy & Esposito of Hackensack is so widely regarded today as a leading matrimonial firm in the region. Further, the New Providence, N.J., native is widely respected by his peers, particularly competing attorneys who frequently sit across the table from him.

Attending Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pa., Esposito majored in criminal justice and was a cross-country runner, a sports specialty that still reflects his personal style of steadiness and resolve ("Stamina has never been a problem for me"). Emerging from Seton Hall Law School in 1985, Esposito went to clerk for two Essex County Family Law Court judges. "My clerkship was the best experience I could hope for" and it primed him for a career in matrimonial law - "I wanted to be in court, and I wanted to know my clients."

Esposito joined the firm of Rose & DeFuccio, where early on he learned "by doing and watching." Today, Esposito regards Arthur Rose and Charles DeFuccio as key mentors: "Great teachers, great listeners, with a true ethical compass". Esposito, in a rare record of stability, has worked nowhere else. "We are a kind of family here - you're never just hiring one attorney." Thus, over the last decade, Esposito emerged as a key influence and leader of the firm, now known as DeFuccio Clancy & Esposito. The practice includes four attorneys, all focused on matrimonial law, and all among the most experienced and knowledgeable matrimonial attorneys in the region. The firm is also known for maintaining a practical approach to retainer fees, basing them on the nature of the case rather than on a fixed, arbitrary amount, a policy Esposito long has favored. Esposito, a self-described "tinkerer", continues to be the driving force behind the firm's advances in technology use; he's also genuinely interested in the law, staying abreast of its quick evolution.

Disciplined and with strong work habits, Esposito still manages to get in a few hours of weekend fly-fishing in north Jersey's Ramapo River. ("Putting on my waders is my therapy.") He also grew up a diehard New Jersey Devils hockey fan, and continues to attend many games; he and his wife live in Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey.

Larry J. Esposito
"Divorce is clearly one of the most difficult periods in a client's life. We want every client to feel they got a fair shake during that difficult process. "
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Moravian College, Bethlehem, Pa., B.A., 1982
Seton Hall University Law School, J.D., 1985

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