Laurence J. Cutler
Divorce Law - Morristown, NJ

Cutler has been one of New Jersey's leading matrimonial attorneys for four decades. In fact, Cutler is more than simply a standout practitioner: As co-author of New Jersey Family Law Practice, the most important treatise on New Jersey family law (it is now in its fifteenth edition), he is also an interpreter of the law itself. His timing into this area of the law was fortuitous: the equitable-distribution statute was just being enacted.

Cutler's career in many respects has evolved with the law - over the years he handled increasingly complex and challenging cases. Over the course of his practice, Cutler founded a renowned Morristown-based firm that became one of the largest boutique practices in the country; he joined the Laufer Dalena firm in 2012.

An avid outdoorsman, for 20 years Cutler trail-rode his horse (Rusty, quoted in Observations and Perspectives) on weekends, and loves to take advantage of trout-fishing in the Rocky Mountains. He is also a licensed pilot who was recently the subject of an article in a leading flying magazine for having landed at every paved, public airport in New Jersey.

Laurence J. Cutler
"We are in a people business. Therefore, it's important to care in our area of the law, and to be able to relate to what each client is going through."