Joseph M. Weinberg
Divorce Law - Haddonfield, NJ

Experienced and respected, Joe Weinberg is senior partner of Joseph M Weinberg & Associates, PA, and he has been one of South Jersey's leading practitioners of matrimonial law for more than three decades. Sensitive towards his clients but known for his toughness with other attorneys, Weinberg has built a reputation as an independent lawyer who will push hard for his client's interests.

The Camden native entered the law believing in the power of "simply helping people. My example was (To Kill a Mockingbird character) Atticus Finch." He handled his first divorce cases in the late 1960s - before the passage of modern equitable-distribution laws. One of them involved the removal of an abusive husband from a home, at a time when it was extremely difficult to have a person removed from his home. Weinberg's success "changed the woman's life" - and spurred Weinberg to focus on divorce law.

For his entire career, Weinberg has practiced with - and led - a small group of attorneys, a testament to his business skills. Today his well-kept office includes one of Weinberg's closest associates, Connor the Bouvier sheepdog, a pet with more palliative powers than any on-site therapist. "Connor likes clients, and clients like Connor," says Weinberg with a smile.

Weinberg, a licensed pilot, enjoys flying 100 hours or more per year in a six-seat Bonanza. He is active in several Jewish causes in South Jersey. He lives in Moorestown, New Jersey.

Joseph M. Weinberg
"Meeting expectations is a big part of our work. I often tell my clients that divorce is like going through a tunnel. As they enter the process it gets darker and darker - then, as you emerge from it, there's lots of sunlight. "