Thomas J. Hurley
Divorce Law - Moorestown, NJ

Fifty-eight year-old Tom Hurley is one of southern New Jersey's most respected, best-liked and effective matrimonial attorneys. His busy Moorestown practice makes him South Jersey's best recognized independent divorce lawyer. In recent years he has represented clients in some of the region's most contentious and highest stakes divorces; and he has argued cases

before the New Jersey State Supreme Court. Rivals and colleagues alike admire Hurley for his contributions to the law - he writes and lectures regularly upon divorce issues – and for his productivity and intellectual generosity. “When one of my peers calls me and asks to bounce something

off me, I take it as a great compliment, and I always try to help,” he says. The New Jersey native received a scholarship to University of Virginia, where he went on to become president of his senior class. After law school, where he excelled, Hurley joined a large firm based in Haddonfield, where he spent the first 18 years of his career. From the start he took on complex cases, and he's long had a passion for the courtroom. He's never afraid to try a case, other attorneys say.

One of his best-known cases involved a claim of “goodwill” against his client, an insurance salesman, in which the spouse sought money for the intangible value of his business. Hurley and his client prevailed, but in the ensuing years the idea of assessing value to intangible assets has only grown more controversial - and put Hurley at the forefront of the debate. Hurley's record of involvement in the state's professional groups is one of the best among his peers, and that has only burnished his strong reputation. Ever animated and youthful Hurley is a passionate and tireless advocate for his clients.

Hurley’s family are enthusiastic equestrians. He is a trustee of the South Jersey Thoroughbred Rescue, a charitable group. They live on a horse farm.

Thomas J. Hurley
"It's more than simply knowing what's going on at the courthouse - it's knowing people and personalities. "
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University of Virginia, B.A., 1982
Seton Hall University Law School, J.D., 1985
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