Mitchell S. Arons
Divorce Law - Hackensack, NJ

Bringing exceptionally strong skills to matrimonial law, Mitchell Arons at 42 has already helped build one of the most respected and fastest-growing practices in the field. He and Marion Solomon merged their respective practices to create Arons & Solomon in 1995, bringing complimentary talents and temperaments - and in the process have attracted other experienced attorneys, including Patricia Burns, Michael Nidoh, Patricia Speake Martin and Rita Nadler, who enjoy the firm's positive and productive culture. Arons, a native of nearby Oradell, is a sensitive, focused and detail-oriented practitioner who considered becoming a professional therapist before law school; as the practice of matrimonial law means being both an advocate and a counselor, he finds his dual role rewarding and meaningful. Arons has a strong background in finance and business: attending Penn's Wharton School of Business as an undergraduate economics major (graduating with honors). After graduating with a law degree from Emory University Law ("I'm one of those rare people who actually loved law school"), he returned to North Jersey to work as a law secretary to then-Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano, a prestigious position that raised Arons's profile early. Since 1992, after several years of practicing primarily in the commercial transaction and real estate areas, Arons has focused almost exclusively on matrimonial litigation.

Today Arons and Marion Solomon are dedicated professional partners; they virtually finish one another's sentences, a Will & Grace-style camaraderie that's driven the growth and success of their practice. Both are members of the county's Early Settlement Panel and the Family Law Inn of Court; Arons & Solomon today has six attorneys and staff of five. On the wall of his Hackensack office reads a cheerful sign "Justice. Justice. Thou Shalt Pursue" - reflecting Arons's earnest, upbeat approach to his work. Arons and his wife and two young children live in Montclair.

Mitchell S. Arons
"Many attorneys avoid matrimonial law simply because of what they see as too much emotion, too much "social work." To be effective, it is critical to be a sympathetic listener. I enjoy the multi-disciplinary aspect of my work. I necessarily wear a lot of hats; I am comfortable with all of them. "
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University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa., B.A., 1984
Emory University Law School, J.D. 1987

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