Eric Dubinsky
Divorce Law - Westbury, NY

South Merrick native Eric Dubinsky has in just a decade established himself as one of Long Island's leading young matrimonial attorneys, thanks in part to a firm grasp and appreciation of the law and a practical approach that attracts a steady stream of clients.

Dubinsky says he was 'thrown into the fire' of litigation and trial work upon his admission to the Bar in 1988. His former employers - first Leeds & Morelli and later the firm of Labert Lang & Willen - relied on his handling of cases from commencement through either settlement or trial. That gave Dubinsky the experience and skills that most attorneys spend many years striving for. By 1993 Dubinsky had already established himself as a skillful litigator and decided to go out on his own, focusing almost exclusively on divorce and family law.

Most of his cases originate in Nassau and Suffolk, but he has handled trials in all five boroughs. In recent years, Dubinsky has handled a number of delicate and complex cases, including a 2001 case in which he persuaded the Appellate Court to reverse the ruling of a Supreme Court Judge, by allowing a wife and her children to exercise exclusive use and occupancy of her husband's pre-marital home until their youngest daughter turns 18. Dubinsky argued that the children's best interest outweighed the husband's interest in gaining control of his pre-marital asset. Dubinsky recalls the decision as an "extremely rewarding result," and it restored his client's faith in our judicial system and safeguarded her children's best interest and welfare.

Dubinsky, a weekend soccer coach, resides in Melville with his wife and three children.

Eric Dubinsky
"Counsel should encourage clients to ask as many questions as possible; no question is 'stupid.'"