Wendy Samuelson
Divorce Law - Garden City, NY

Wendy Samuelson's cheerful and positive nature conceals a remarkable determination and spirit that young attorneys rarely have. For Samuelson, the daughter of one of the nation's top matrimonial attorneys, Elliot D. Samuelson, matrimonial law has been a lifelong pursuit.

"Growing up, we talked about the law at the dinner table, and I was always intrigued" Samuelson explained. She spent her high school and college summer breaks at her father's law office, researching and writing legal briefs and assisting her father in editing his published books. Samuelson graduated from Brandeis University at the top of her class, and then immediately went to Cornell Law School. "I was perhaps the only first-year law student who already knew how to do legal research" she said with a smile.

Although Samuelson interned with a prestigious law firm in Manhattan, she reflected, "A big city practice wasn't for me. I wanted to handle a case from start to finish and have direct client contact, rather than sit in a law library and only research a small issue of the case. Hand-holding during the divorce process and providing a client with post-divorce strategies for a successful emotional and financial future are what I value most in this practice." After graduating from law school, Samuelson joined her father's thriving practice, and in 2000, she became a partner of the firm.

Samuelson's approach to the law reflects her father's values - be civil, thorough, succinct, and prepared - all of which command the respect of her colleagues. Her practical, resolution-oriented approach has served her clients well, preventing extensive litigation. In addition, like her father, she is a prolific writer and legal analyst. Samuelson is the author of the regular column, "Recent Legislation, Decisions and Trends in Matrimonial Law" of the New York State Bar Association's prestigious Family Law Review, and lectures regularly for continuing legal education programs.

For over 20 years, Samuelson has provided sophisticated, high net worth clients with sound legal advice and a more civilized approach to divorce.

Wendy Samuelson
"In order to have a successful settlement, you have to consider both the legal issues as well as the moral and emotional issues."