Samuel J. Ferrara
Divorce Law - Lake Success, NY

Over two decades in practice and a name partner now at one of the region's best known firms, Sam Ferrara has established himself as one of Long Island's leading matrimonial attorneys.

Ferrara - poised, tough and charismatic - brings a true sense of duty to his clients and to the law, peers say. He's well known and well liked in the state's divorce bar, and he's a leader in the politically well connected Abrams firm, which today has more than 80 lawyers. "I've been very fortunate," says Ferrara, "to have mentors, to be in the right place at the right time."

Peers say there's more to it than that: Ferrara is tenacious and aggressive, a confident trial attorney, who has an almost solemn reverence for his work. "Divorce attorneys get knocked around a bit, but I think what we do is honorable."

Growing up outside Rochester, and attending college in Boston, Ferrara has an upstate plain-spokenness about him, which has served him well in the contentious world he practices in today. Ambitious but unpretentious, "no two ways about it, I was a working class-kid," Ferrara worked his way through college by managing restaurants and selling t-shirts to businesses.

That sense of initiative hasn't left him: "I'm pretty good on my feet. My idea of a lawyer was a trial lawyer, and that's the basis for my work today." Ferrara received valuable experience working with matrimonial law leader Stephen Schlissel, while at a Mineola firm, his first job out of Hofstra Law School. ("He was an amazing mentor and teacher.")

Ferrara joined Stephen J. Eisman in 1996, and they sharply expanded the matrimonial department at the Abrams Fensterman firm, which occupies approximately 44,000 square feet on the third floor at 3 Dakota Drive in Lake Success.

When he isn't working - or teaching night classes at area law schools - Ferrara focuses on his family, including his wife and two teenage children, at their West Islip, New York home.

Samuel J. Ferrara
"I've been an advocate for my clients in courtrooms from Manhattan to Montauk - that experience has only made me a better attorney."
Phone: (516) 328-1316
Fax: (516) 328-9576
Boston University, B.A., 1991
Boston University, M.A. 1991
Hofstra University School of Law, J.D., 1994

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