Nicole Voyles
Divorce Law - Houston, TX

With a range of litigation and financial skills, and a competitive yet down-to-earth nature, Nicole Voyles is emerging as one of greater Houston's leading young divorce lawyers. In the last decade she has built a solid record with some of the leading divorce attorneys in the state; in 2016 she joined the renowned firm of Tindall England PC, long regarded as one of the top family law boutiques in Texas. To many it's no surprise that Voyles teamed up with the respected Angela Pence England; professionally they are similar, both focused, well organized, and practical handlers of complex cases. Moreover, Voyles is well known in bar circles, for years spearheading activities for the city's Bar Association. That role is expanding now at the state level as well.

For Voyles, it wasn't an immediate or direct path to her work today: "I knew I wanted to be a courtroom lawyer, but beyond that I really wasn't sure, and it took some time." Born in Indiana, with three siblings (two of whom are lawyers today), Voyles grew up in a household of strivers and goal-setters. Early in their careers her parents were in medical sales before moving into finance and banking, and they encouraged their children to pursue advanced degrees. While she was in grade school the family moved to Plano, Texas. Voyles attended McKinney High School where she played "almost every sport" and lettered in tennis and cross country. "Sports were just part of what we did. We all were naturally competitive." At The University of Texas she focused on business and marketing courses - "there was an element of Plan B to it, 'if law school didn't work out.' But ultimately those skills - particularly financial analysis - have helped me in my work today" She went on to SMU Law School partly, she says, because "I was looking for a smaller environment" and major Texas firms recruited heavily from it.

Voyles was hired right out of a law school by a small insurance defense firm based in Fort Worth and developed a desire to litigate from that job. She was part of the team that defended Thyssen Krupp, the elevator manufacturer, and later represented Sullair, an air-compressor company, in multi-district litigation. After two years, eager for a more hands-on practice, Voyles was hired by Dallas divorce lawyer Brian Webb "on the day of the interview" getting her first taste of family law. "Until then I'd never considered the specialty, but I knew I could be good at it - a lot of our work is more than simply the law. It's knowing our clients and where they are emotionally. There is an element of psychology in our work that's important for anyone of us to be effective. I knew I had the skill-set." In 2008 she joined the practice of Jenkins & Kamin, where Voyles continued to develop her skills, both as a litigator and a case manager. By 2016, Voyles was recruited again, this time by Tindall England, whose thriving Post Oak practice continued to grow. Since then Voyles has emerged as one of the firm's key partners, as the renowned Harry Tindall winds down a widely admired career. And she has burned no bridges, continuing to receive referrals and advice from the lawyers she once worked with; "Everyone," she says, "has been very gracious, with every progression in my career." She adds, I've been very fortunate - I've had good influences, real mentors, every step of the way."

Today Voyles keeps a high-energy pace; she continues to run marathons, half marathons, and recently a Half Ironman event, a regimen that also "helps me stay sane when we're dealing with lots of conflict." Such healthy habits have served her well; "Sometimes I have to remind people how long I've been practicing - longer than, say, five minutes," she says. Beyond her bar contributions, Voyles volunteers widely, both as a lawyer and in her community. "I know, it's easy to say, but I do really believe in giving back."

Nicole Voyles
"I think our firm has a tradition of excellence - and results - and our clients recognize that."
Phone: (713) 622-8733
University of Texas at Austin, BBA, 2000
Southern Methodist University Law School, J.D., 2003
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