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Harry Tindall is widely regarded as one of the most experienced and influential matrimonial attorneys in Texas. Indeed, the 70-year-old Corpus Christi native has been a progressive and positive force throughout his career. Observers say he has worked tirelessly promoting, lobbying for, and crafting changes that have "greatly civilized the divorce process," not only in Texas but nationally as well. What's more, he maintains a youthful enthusiasm for the law, his work and for his clients.. "I truly am passionate about what I do, and always have been," he says. Steadfast and forthright, yet pragmatic, Tindall's practice - including collaborative law techniques and mediation, as well as old-style litigation - reflect his expansive and enlightened approach. He grew up in Corpus Christi and studied government and economics as an undergraduate at UT; he passed the bar by the age of 24, and joined Fulbright & Jaworski right out of law school. Remarkably, in 1973, he launched his own family law practice, at a time when divorce laws lagged the torrid pace of change in American society. Frustrated by the propensity for destructive litigation, which he'd seen first-hand, Tindall spearheaded alternative dispute resolution in Texas, including the practice of collaborative law as an alternative to litigation. "I believe the law should reflect the reasonable expectations of people," he says today. "I always had a strong interest about making our laws better and more accountable." That activism led in part to his fundamental role as a legal scholar; he is co-author of Texas Family Code Annotated, a comprehensive text in its 20th edition. In the 1990s, by then a nationally recognized leader in family law he was appointed to the U. S. Commission on Interstate Child Support. Since 1995, he has served Texas as a Uniform Law Commissioner from Texas and served as Chair of the drafting committee for the Uniform Parentage Act, which has now been adopted as the law in nearly 20 states.

Today, he and his partner, Angela Pence England - herself an accomplished attorney and a longtime influence in Texas law - have a thriving practice. The firm has two offices in Houston and another in Austin, where Tindall remains a legislative force. Still active and energetic (though he has scaled back his famed mountain treks), Tindall has four children and eight grandchildren. He and his wife Marian live in Houston.

Harry L. Tindall
"There is an old saying: We lawyers may own the process, but our clients own the settlement. That's why we strive to honor our clients' value systems, and the choices they make."
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