Christopher Schinstock
Divorce Law - Alexandria, VA

I approach the law with an intellectual depth and thoroughness that I think is too uncommon these days. I take special pride in my level of preparation for every case. I'm in court regularly. I don't sit behind a desk all day, or shy away from litigation. That's part of my make-up. I am a zealous advocate.

That said, while I intensely prepare every case, I communicate to the other side that I am ready to reasonably settle, and mediation is very much a part of my practice today. But I regard litigation as a potentially available resource for my clients, and not something to necessarily avoid at all costs. What's more, I have regular conversations with my clients to review the costs and benefits of any potential litigation. That's an ongoing process.

When I meet clients for the first time, it's important for me to learn what their goals are. That understanding is as important as the process of educating clients about the law and how it impacts their case. A client's goals are an essential part of the basis for my work and my advocacy. It's important that a client and their attorney "think out loud" with one another, especially early on. However, it needs to be added that revenge is not an acceptable goal; revenge will never be a part of my clients' legal strategy.

A common misconception held by many new clients is that lawyers can entirely control an outcome. They need to understand that there are many variables, and often the decisions made by the other side will trigger litigation. No matter how reasonable my client's position is, I cannot force the other side to sign on to it.

Christopher Schinstock
"A client's goals are an essential part of the basis for our work and our advocacy."
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Virginia Military Institute, B.A., 1990
Washington & Lee University School of Law, J.D., 1993
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