Grant T. Moher
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Just over a decade now as a Northern Virginia divorce attorney, 39-year-old Grant Moher has already made a remarkable impact, on both his profession and his firm. For starters, he's a name partner at the firm of Curran Moher Weis, founded in 2012 by Moher and Jerry Curran, the leading litigator of a large, well known practice that dominated Northern Virginia divorce law in recent years, and newly expanded to include partner Jason Weis. Mr. Curran is widely regarded as one of the top courtroom divorce lawyers in the state; that he, Moher and Weis have teamed up - along with two other lawyers and five support staff - to establish a the firm was strong affirmation of Moher's skills and potential. Moreover, clients will find that Moher has "been there" - that is, he's dealt with and surmounted many of the same personal issues that his clients face, all while building a successful career in divorce law. "A friend once said to me that I had a complicated life for a young lawyer," says Moher. "He was probably right. But all the life experiences have made me a better lawyer. And I appreciate what all my clients go through."

Moher's background is unique for a Virginia lawyer: For no reason other than "my mother liked the hospital across the border," Moher was born in Canada and as a result, has dual American-Canadian citizenship. He grew up in Sault Ste. Marie in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. For decades Moher's father built a successful small town general law practice, handling many personal-injury and Social Security disability cases. (In fact Thomas Moher was for years the only AV-rated lawyer in Sault Ste. Marie.) Moher remembers sitting in a Michigan Appeals Court as a young teen watching his dad in action, but his sights weren't set on the law until after college. Moher was recruited to play golf at Allegheny College in Pennsylvania, where, somewhat ironically, "I ended up playing hockey for four years instead. When you grow up in Northern Michigan, people expect you to play hockey." He majored in history, and went on to Marquette Law School. He worked summers at a tort litigation firm in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and upon graduation he worked for a year at an employment law firm based in Wisconsin. Personal events intervened, and he moved to join his then-wife, a corporate executive based in Northern Virginia. Moher joined the practice of the late Jeff Krause, giving Moher his first taste of family law. "I took to it right away, because I found it rewarding. It's not easy these days for a lawyer to have a direct, real-world impact on a client's life." He spent three years with the large Northern Virginia practice of Ilona Grenadier, and in 2005 was recruited by the firm founded by Robert Shoun. There he gained the confidence of his peers, including both Shoun and Curran, the firm's top litigator. "Grant's really there for his clients, and many lawyers aren't nowadays," says Curran.

In 2007 Moher's then wife took a job in Atlanta, and he moved again to care for their twin sons. "That's when I became a stay-at-home dad," he says, although he continued to work remotely for the Northern Virginia firm. A year later he was back in Fairfax, divorced and re-hired by Curran's firm. In early 2012, Curran and Moher launched their firm, which, with its substantial team, immediately became a force in Northern Virginia divorce law. In June of 2014, Jason Weis became a partner, and the firm is now known as Curran Moher Weis.

Today, remarried, Moher says his life is "only slightly" less complicated. He's played every role of the modern dad and husband - sole-breadwinner and stay-at-home spouse, among others. "I know the roles everyone plays today, because I've already played nearly all of them myself." Clients will find that the even-tempered Moher is an excellent negotiator, particularly in contentious custody matters, and a portion of his practice is dedicated to Collaborative Law. He still enjoys an occasional round of golf "in that rare free moment," and plays hockey nearly every week. His wife Morna is a PhD in Human Genetics. They live in Fairfax County.

Grant T. Moher
"I love what I do...At the end of the day, it's very rewarding that my work has a positive impact on my clients' lives."
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