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Andrew Arons has emerged as one of New Jersey's leading independent financial advisors. He worked as an investment advisor at three major brokerages prior to launching his own independent investment firm nearly fifteen years ago. Knowledgeable, practical and attentive, Arons already has a breadth of experience superior to professionals many years his senior. He's built his practice on a single premise: educating and informing clients. "The process of educating our clients is an ongoing one," he says. Arons provides clients a quarterly review of holdings, and he routinely gives seminars and presentations at local colleges, universities and Fortune 500 companies. Arons's concept for the firm lies in its name -- Synergy - which reflects a team-based approach bringing together the interrelated disciplines of accounting, insurance and estate planning by consulting with the client's other professional advisors in formulating a personalized financial plan. "Personalized service is the cornerstone of the relationship we share with our clients," he says. The objective is to minimize risk and enhance a portfolio's rate of return while preserving wealth, he says.

Unlike many advisors content to make only broad asset allocation recommendations, Arons has the instincts of a true money manager, an enthusiastic seeker of value in specific listed stocks and bonds. "Andy's really passionate about understanding how markets operate, and about how to communicate this knowledge to people," says a longtime peer. "These abilities combined with an infectious enthusiasm make all the difference in our business." Arons and his older brother Mitchell, a well known and successful matrimonial attorney, grew up in nearby Oradell; their father, a garment industry executive, shared with his sons his interest in investing early on. "We'd follow companies the way some people might follow sports teams." By the age of 28, Arons joined Smith Barney where he was mentored by some of the firm's top advisors. By his mid-30s, Arons, eager to dispense objective advice as an independent advisor, launched his own firm.

Located at One University Plaza in Hackensack, New Jersey, Synergy Advisory Management Group today serves a diverse clientele of business owners, families, family trusts, and professionals. The firm has doubled its assets under management in the last four years; and maintains strategic alliances with professionals having more than 100 years of combined experience in investments, insurance, taxation, financial and estate planning; including veteran partner Michael L. March, CPA, CFP. Increasingly, the firm is providing services to key executives of Fortune 500 companies. Arons enjoys travel, tennis, and reading about economics and finance. He and his wife, Lori, an attorney, live in River Vale, New Jersey, with their two children.

*Securities offered through Nationwide Planning Associates, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory services offered through: NPA Asset Management, LLC, a registered investment advisor. Synergy Advisory Management Group, LLC, is not affiliated with Nationwide Planning Associates, Inc.

Andrew A. Arons
"My greatest professional satisfaction comes from educating and assisting my clients in reaching their financial goals. "
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