Lisa M. Bromberg
Environmental Law - Morristown, NJ

Lisa Murtha Bromberg brings a refreshing clarity, focus - and positive problem -solving approach -- to environmental law. Her well-known legal and communications skills have rightfully placed her in the elite of New Jersey environmental attorneys, and peers regard her with respect and goodwill. Her steady professional ascent (she has worked at only one firm her entire career) is grounded in strong fundamental skills: The Livingston native has accumulated a remarkable record of academic achievement - she graduated first in her class at Seton Hall Law School and received numerous merit scholarships and awards. Even before graduating, Bromberg worked nights and weekends at the Porzio firm. As an associate in the early 80s, she recognized the coming wave of environmental compliance and defense - and “found that I loved it right away -- it suited me.” Indeed, Bromberg’s precision in writing, editing and general communication has served her well, as she bridges the divide between jargon-speaking technicians, clients and other constituencies who depend on a clear interpretation of technical issues.

That has made her a leader in not only articulating the law, but in anticipating trends as well. Her energetic, practical style has created a wide following. Her clients today include all sizes and types of corporations, including major pharmaceutical companies that are the state’s economic backbone, as well as numerous developers. Though still young, Bromberg takes well-earned pride achieving an impressive record in what was, and largely remains, a male-dominated field. She and her husband, fellow attorney Myron J. Bromberg, live in Morris Township in Morris County, New Jersey.

Lisa M. Bromberg
"There are significant challenges facing property developers and redevelopers in this economy. By the same token, however, these very challenges present unique opportunities for the most entrepreneurial among them."
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Caldwell College, BA, summa cum laude, 1979
Seton Hall University, LLB, summa cum laude, 1982

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