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I don't treat any case or client the same way -- each has its own characteristics, its own special issues. However, I devote the same level of service to clients whether their case is big or small. Beyond the organizing of a case, of fitting the pieces together to prepare for litigation, I work hard to see the big picture. An ability to focus on the client's goals is what I bring to every case.

Children come first in our business, and that's not always recognized by the parents during a divorce. It's very unfortunate that some parents try to use the children as pawns.

People will come in at an emotional low, simply despondent. When I first meet a client, I let them spend some time getting things off of their chest. My background in psychology gives me a better understanding than many attorneys about the emotions involved. Still, I make it clear that the process can be a long road to hoe and that things may get worse before they get better. I also stress that this could be a chance for a fresh start and to ultimately have happiness and fulfillment in their lives again. A wife may come in and tell me, "My husband wants to go straight to mediation. That's fine, but it's critically important to know what we're dealing with - that's why discovery and identifying all of the income and marital assets is critical.

I'm always candid with my client, whether they want to hear it or not, as I do not want to make promises that are unrealistic or that I can't deliver on. When I first started as an attorney, I was perhaps overly aggressive. I am still aggressive, but I have learned to temper it. I have a bit more perspective now. In addition, I have come to embrace mediation and arbitration as a necessary and successful alternative to traditional litigation.

I'm a preparer. It's rare that some someone is going to outwork me. While most cases settle, you have to be prepared to try a case. When you are prepared to try a case, you can settle it from a position of strength. Our firm has a strong team of lawyers, and our adversaries know it.

Eric S. Solotoff
"I'm a preparer. It is rare that someone is going to outwork me...When you are prepared to try a case, you can settle from a position of strength."
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State University of New York at Albany, BA, cum laude, 1989
Widener University School of Law, JD, 1992, LL.M. in Taxation, 1994

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