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Before relocating to the Washington D.C. area, Steven Goldman was inducted into The Ten Leaders of Matrimonial & Divorce Law, Age 45 & Under, of Long Island, New York. According to his colleagues and peers in Long Island's competitive matrimonial bar, Goldman earned a reputation as a worthy and zealous advocate for his clients. He's now burnishing that reputation in Northern Virginia at the Fairfax-based firm Curran Moher Weis, P.C.

Goldman - level headed, even keeled and calmly assertive - conveys a maturity and professionalism more typical of lawyers a generation ahead of him. Moreover, he has successfully handled, tried and negotiated a vast array of complex financial matters for his clients - "I have a strong understanding of the financial issues in a divorce," he says. This is a valuable trait when representing business owners and perhaps even more so when representing a spouse who has a limited understanding of their family's finances. He's also expanded his practice to include Collaborative Law, a method of alternative dispute resolution designed to assist clients in resolving their divorces amicably and efficiently, without the stress or costs typically associated with litigation. While still a growing practice, Goldman hopes to expand this area of practice and help make it the "future of divorce."

Part of Goldman's success stems from his own valuable life experience: his parents divorced when he and his younger brother were in elementary school. "It was definitely an adjustment, but my brother and I always felt we grew up with two committed parents and, because of that, we maintain an excellent relationship with them to this day. Their constant involvement in our lives, being there for us as much as they could - that allowed my brother and me to succeed. Good parents never stop being parents." In high school, as a three-sport athlete (football, wrestling, baseball) Goldman took a lot of pride in being a part of Athletes Helping Athletes, which he describes as "a leadership program for students who are drug and alcohol free, to serve as role models for younger students and promote involvement in positive activities such as sports and clubs to prevent drug and alcohol use."

Goldman proved his tenacity and focus early in life by earning college credits while in high school. He completed his BA in business management at Binghamton University in just three years, focusing much of his education on accounting, finance and marketing. Next, between semesters at Albany Law School, he interned for the Nassau County District Attorney's office as well as the firm of the former DA, the late Dennis Dillon. After a brief introduction to the matrimonial field of law, Goldman opted to join a four-lawyer matrimonial boutique in Garden City. He recognized that his personality and skill set lent itself best to the practice of matrimonial and family law. "A lot of the appeal for me was being able to utilize both my interpersonal skills and my math skills - every divorce case has a large financial-analysis component, and similarly, every case begs for an attorney with the ability to help navigate the clients through stressful times. I was always very comfortable in both of those worlds."

Several years ago, Goldman represented the Wife in a complex matter where the Husband was represented by one of Long Island's most respected divorce lawyers, James P. Joseph, Esq. Within a month of settling the matter, Joseph recruited Goldman to his firm. "Rarely does a young lawyer have both the skillset and level of maturity and understanding that Goldman demonstrated during that matter," says Joseph, "and Goldman has both. It was an easy call." In 2014, at the time Goldman married and relocated to the Washington D.C. area, Virginia litigator Gerald Curran offered Goldman a position at Curran Moher Weis, one of the fastest growing family law firms in Virginia today.

Goldman says representing clients in divorce is "very rewarding - and interesting because the works varies so much, from filing motions one day, litigating in court another to conducting settlement conferences the next." Curran and other lawyers say that Goldman has already proven a high level of expertise; and that he's likely to be a leader in the matrimonial law community in the years ahead.

Steven Goldman
"I want to share solid, strong and, most importantly, realistic objectives with my clients because I believe that is the best way of accomplishing a fair and reasonable resolution to a divorce."
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