Dennis Drazin
Plaintiffs' Personal Injury Law - Red Bank, NJ

The eldest of the three Drazin brothers-attorneys, Dennis Drazin is the chief manager of perhaps the most prominent family-operated practice in the state. But Drazin & Warshaw is more than simply a successful enterprise (it has over 70 employees, including 11 attorneys), and Dennis Drazin is far more than the key decision maker there.

Shrewd and sharply focused, Drazin remains an active and accomplished trial attorney. Drazin & Warshaw, with three offices, was founded by Drazin's father, the late Louis Drazin, whose legacy is the foundation of the firm and whose corner office Dennis now occupies. After serving as a clerk to Judge Clarkson Fisher, Drazin joined his father in 1976. "We were exposed to legal concepts and practices at an early age," Drazin says, and the profession has suited him.

Like his brothers, Drazin got valuable trial experience early on. "At other firms, you may carry someone else briefcase for a few years," says Drazin. "I was able to try cases rights away." Of course, Drazin acknowledges the high expectations of his father: "We all felt his desire to succeed, but it was an influence. We carry on his standards and sense of service today." More than 80% of Drazin & Warshaw's practice is in personal injury: medical malpractice, negligence-related accidents, product liability and "toxic torts," and the firm has handled major high-profile environmental cases over the years.

The youthful Drazin (in his mid-50's, though he could pass for someone 10 years younger) is also a horse and track enthusiast, and many horseracing-related cases come to him; from a discrimination case involving a female jockey to representing trainers, owners and the N.J. thoroughbred industry for all their contractual and legislative work.

Drazin lives in Monmouth County's Fairhaven, not far from his Red Bank office.

Dennis Drazin
"That's how you build a record, with tough cases. A mariner never distinguishes himself on a calm sea."
Phone: (732) 747-3730
Blair Academy, 1968
Ohio State University, B.A. 1972
Dickinson University School of Law, J.D., 1975

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