George J. Tyler
Environmental Law - Robbinsville, NJ

George J. Tyler - known for his problem-solving skills and thoughtful manner - is one of New Jersey's original and best-known environmental attorneys. The 55-year-old Bergen County native came of age professionally amid the great explosion in environmental regulation and litigation, serving as a key state administrator before entering private practice in 1986. Further, the engaging Tyler, whose Lincolnesque beard suggests the barrister that he is - is well-liked and respected by his peers. More important, he brings to the law and his clients the structured-thinking tools of an engineer. He received a degree in Mechanical Engineering from prestigious Manhattan College. The engineer, he says, "segments a problem and discovers the elements that must be addressed making the overall problem smaller and more manageable." Growing up, he recalls his father's many stories of the Second World War, and the way any gathering of his parents' contemporaries guaranteed more of the same. He also shares the strong work ethic his parents imparted. All these factors fostered a sense of leadership in him. In 1969 as a new engineer, Tyler began work for the state of New Jersey in the Division of Clean Air and Water, forerunner of the Department of Environmental Protection, created in 1970. Tyler worked as an air pollution control engineer monitoring what was then the state's robust industrial base. Within a year Tyler's ambition pushed him to law school at night; Graduating cum laude in 1974 he accepted a "temporary" legal job with the Department; That began a 12-year tour. In 1979, barely 30, Tyler was named Director of the Division of Environmental Quality a key post and in 1980 was promoted to Assistant Commissioner for Environmental Management and Control a position which placed Tyler over all of the New Jersey's major pollution control programs including it's trend setting air pollution control, solid and hazardous waste management, water quality and site remediation programs. Tyler held that position for almost seven years, under Governors Byrne and Kean, until joining a prominent Monmouth County law firm. Tyler's addition gave the firm a top player in environmental policy and immersed him in the regulatory and litigation experience he continues to build on in his Robbinsville practice today. Something of a cut-up ("I can be the biggest wise-guy around") Tyler is a memorable personality who connects well with his clients. They range from developers to property owners to major corporations. He enjoys his family, sailing and traveling with his wife Patricia. They have five children, who come with assorted significant others, and a grandchild. They live in Cream Ridge between Fair Winds Farms, a breeding farm for standardbreds, and the Cream Ridge Golf Club.

George J. Tyler
"My clients have something they want done, a business to operate, a place they want to go. The question is: What will it take to get there?"
Phone: (609) 631-0600
Bergen Catholic High School, Oradell, New Jersey
Manhattan College, New York, New York, BS Engineering, 1969
Seton Hall University Law School, JD, cum laude, 1974

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