Barry D. Epstein
Plaintiffs' Personal Injury Law - Rochelle Park, NJ

Barry Epstein is too practical and capable to be called a throwback, but the Queens native possesses an old-fashioned enthusiasm and passion for his craft. He has been practicing law in Bergen County for over 40 years, and in that time has built a reputation for evenhandedness, dedication and clear-eyed, independent leadership. He served previously as president of the State bar, among other leadership positions he's held.

"I'd wanted to be an attorney since I was 15, when I first saw Glenn Ford in the movie "Trial" says Epstein today. After law school Epstein went to work for the well-known Karl Asch, who "opened my eyes to be a creative lawyer." He launched his own practice in 1969, and "I built it up on cases other lawyers turned down." In fact, Epstein, from the beginning a progressive and ideals-driven practitioner took some cases "I knew we'd probably lose money on - but it was the right thing to do." Epstein spearheaded a groundbreaking 1994 case that established the right of battered women to make civil tort claims against their attackers.

Today Epstein handles the spectrum of civil litigation, including products liability, personal injury and medical malpractice, among others. Remarkably, Epstein has practiced on his own virtually his entire career. Today he practices with his son Michael, a 1996 graduate of Harvard Law School, and two other attorneys.

An avid tennis player, the elder Epstein is fit and trim and brings to his work an energy level rare in attorneys of his experience. He and his wife Elaine are residents of Wayne.

Barry D. Epstein
"I learned early that what we do is very demanding and tough - and the only response to that is commitment to hard work and creativity."
Phone: (201) 845-5962
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Clark University, B.A., 1962
Rutgers University, J.D., 1965

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